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BSA/375 BSA375 BSA 375 WEEK 3 TEAM ASSIGNMENT Learning Team: Service Request SR-kf-013 Paper (Preparation) Draft the next 3- to 4-page section of the Service Request SR-kf-013 Paper, due in Week Five. Include the following: • Determination of requirements: Identify specific analysis methods used to determine user needs. • List of confirmed requirements: Categorize each system requirement identified for the Week Two milestone as mandatory or optional. • Proposed system process view: Provide a flowchart of the proposed process. • Functional allocation modeling: Specify how each proposed system function would be allocated in terms of the required hardware, software, and Human-Computer Interface (HCI). • Logical model of the system: Provide a high-level logical data flow diagram of the proposed system. Prepare Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation slides for the Week Two and Three Learning Team topics. Business Assignment Help, Business Homework help, Business Study Help, Business Course Help


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