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Briefly describe how search engines work


Short Questions 1- Briefly describe how search engines work. Be sure to describe main elements? 2- List 5 technologies that could be used to support virtual teams. List one benefits and drawback of each? 3- Describe at least 3 challenges of virtual team management. Explain your answer? 4- What is the Internet of Things? What are some benefits and challenges related to the Internet of Things? 5- What are at least 3 types of questions you should ask yourself when trying to develop a virtual team and the technologies to support them? 6- Why are programming environments like Android App inventor useful to the Android App Market? 7- Thinking about search engines and screen scrapers, how could certain html tags in web sites help or hurt these programs as they try to extract information? 8- What is a method that search engines can use to increase ranking personalization? 9- Describe at least 3 properties of Intelligent Agent Systems? 10- Thinking about some of the topics we have looked at so far, which do you feel is the most important? Explain. Be sure to support your answer. 11- What are some problems with most screen scraping programs designed for the web? 12- What are some of the key characteristics of Web 2.0? 13- What are some of the types of limitations of search engines? 14- How is Big Data and the Internet of Things connected? 15- What is Big Data? What are some benefits and challenges associated with Big Data?


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