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BOS/4301 BOS4301 BOS 4301 Unit 3 Assessment


Unit III Assessment • Question 1 Discuss the various ways that hazardous chemicals can enter the human body. • Question 2 Personal and area monitoring are discussed in Chapter 3. Define each type of sampling technique, give an example, and discuss how the data collected for each is used. Be sure to include information regarding extractive sampling and direct-reading methods as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each. • Question 3 Discuss safe practices that can be used for working with chemicals in laboratories. • Question 4 Organic solvents are a family of compounds that are used extensively in industry. List some examples of organic solvents, and discuss how they are hazardous and what protective measures can be used to control exposure. • Question 5 List the six major categories of occupational illnesses, and give three examples of each. What are some methods that can be used to control potential exposures in the workplace?


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