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BIS 345 Quiz 3


BIS 345 Quiz 3 1. (TCO 6) Which of the following is not a type of data source in SSRS 2. (TCO 6) Which of the data source credential options is the least recommended because of security risks 3. (TCO 5) All of the following are types of query for a data set except ________. 4. (TCO 6) _____ regions are items that must be associated with a data set. 5. (TCO 6) Data regions support grouping and ______. 6. (TCO 6) _____ is the simplest report item and contains no data values 7. (TCO 7) ______ presents group data in a grid layout that’s capable of expanding both rows and columns 8. (TCO 5) Of the following four Tablix internal areas, which is a required area? 9. (TCO 7) The chart _____ contains the plotting area of a chart 10. (TCO 7) A ________ report item is a great tool to graphically display key performance indicators


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