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BIS 345 BIS345 BIS345 Week 1 iLab


BIS 345 BIS345 BIS345 Week 1 iLab Student Name: Name Using Lab 1, answer the questions and provide copies of your SQL Statements and/or results for each Section listed below Part A: Customer List (4 points) a.What does the ORDER BY clause do? b.Screen print your results and paste here: Part B: Customer List with only customers In France or Germany (4 points) Part C: Using a Calculation in a Query (5 points) Part D: Products that are discontinued (5 points) Part E: Practice using the BETWEEN operator (5 points) Part F: Practice using the “IN” operator (5 points) Part G: Understanding “NULL” (5 points) Part H: Using a composite condition (5 points) Part I: Using a “DATE” type variable and Concatenating Column Output (5 points) Part J: Using the “LIKE” operator and the “%” wildcard (6 points)


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