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BIS 345 BIS/345 BIS345 Week 5 iLab


BIS 345 BIS/345 BIS345 Week 5 iLab Using Lab 5, provide copies of your SQL Statements, results and reports for each Section listed below Part A Product and Category dataset (7 points) a.Paste your SQL Statement here: Part B: Product and Category report (10 points) a.Paste your report here: rough draft of report at step 11 before error Part C: Sales and Territory dataset (10 points) Part E: Sales and Territory Report Interpretation (10 points) Write your interpretation of the results. The interpretation must be a minimum of one paragraph (3 to 5 well-formed sentences) with no spelling or grammatical errors. Based on these results, what other data would you recommend that the business consider for further analysis? Ask a question


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