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BIS 318 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Poppler’s Scenario


BIS 318 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Poppler’s Scenario Poppler’s management wants your team to create a proposal to implement technology upgrades to its inventory and customer management systems. Management wants to know how it can benefit from the introduction of new technology and if the investment will pay off. Review the existing business practices of Poppler’s (see Poppler’s gift shop scenario under the Materials tab) and using research, determine what technology upgrades you would recommend. Your team must provide specific information on the major components needed for the upgrade and your rationale for the upgrade. Deliver your findings in an executive summary and in a no more than 30-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint®presentation. Here are the requirements for the deliverables: Executive Summary – The executive summary must include an overview of the benefits that your recommendations will have on the business. The executive summary should be no more than 350 words and focus on critical need to know items that are important to company management. Presentation – The presentation must include an introduction, conclusion, and supporting details. The presentation must provide specifics on your recommended technology upgrades and your rationale behind them. The presentation must also address the following questions from Poppler’s management: o How are POS, SKU, and RFID related, and what components should be integrated into the business? o Will POS systems improve the efficiency of the business when compared with existing systems, why or why not? o What customer tracking systems are available? Which tracking system would work best for Poppler’s and why? What benefits does the selected tracking system offer over current business practices? o How long will it take to implement the changes? Will it result in a stoppage of business? Are there other challenges to overcome during the implementation phase, if so how can those challenges be overcome? What is the operational lifespan of the recommended upgrades? When must the business upgrade again? What maintenance issues will be required?


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