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BIS 221 Week 2 Knowledge Check


BIS 221 Week 2 Knowledge Check For which reason is it difficult to manage data? Data are scattered throughout organizations. The decreasing amount of external data needs to be considered. The amount of data stays about the same over time. Data security is easy to maintain When customers access a website and make purchases, they generate hyperlink data information web data clickstream data Big data is a term used to describe data generated in an accounting system
 the superabundance of data available today the reduction in the amount of data that organizations are interested in data elements that are too large to fit in database management systems In which type of e-commerce are buyers and sellers individuals? Business-to-consumer Consumer-to-consumer Business-to-business Government-to-citizen Electronic business does not include which of the following? Electronically buying and selling Brick and mortar only retailing Electronic customer services Government-to-citizen websites What is e-commerce called when it is done in a wireless environment? Mobile commerce Consumer commerce Location commerce Wireless commerce Which type of remote software attack does not require user action? Worm
 Phishing attack Denial-of service attack The threats to information security are staying about the same increasing
 decreasing not a concern to organizations Which type of alien software uses your computer to send e-mails that look like they came from you to all the people in your address book? Spamware Adware Cookies Spyware


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