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BIS 221 Week 1 Knowledge Check


BIS 221 Week 1 Knowledge Check 1.
____________________ is a feature that enables you to type continuously without pressing the Enter Key at the end of a line within a paragraph. Toggle
 Word wrap
 Print preview
 Full-screen mode What feature adds organization to your documents? Print preview 
 Page number 
 Find and replace 
 If you want to display text in side-by-side sections, what feature should you use to format the text? Styles
 Multilevel lists Columns 4.
Which of the following is not an ethical issue? Privacy 
 Business Process Reengineering 
 Accuracy 5.
Which of the following statements best describes the relationship between ethics and legality? If an act is unethical, it is always illegal. 
 An act can be unethical but still be legal. 
 An unethical act is always legal. 
 An unethical act always has legal consequences 
The ________________ approach to ethics maintains that an ethical action is the one that provides the most good or does the least harm. utilitarian
 common good 7.
IT affects middle managers by ____________. increasing their opportunities for promotion 
 reducing the number of people who can report to them 
 increasing their productivity 
 increasing the number of managers needed in a department 
Which of the following is a negative societal effect associated with the increased use of information technology? IT can place employees on constant call. 
 IT can provide opportunities for people with disabilities. 
 IT can improve health care. 
 IT can provide flexibility in the workplace 
______________ is an example of a business process. Spreadsheets 
 Processing bills of material 
 A computer network


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