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BIS 221 Final Exam


BIS 221 Final Exam 1. If you want to display text in side-by-side sections, what feature should you use to format the text? Columns Styles Multilevel lists Borders 2. Building relationships, anticipating needs, and providing special deals for the community’s members is a function of which category of Web 2.0 applications? • Social commerce • Blogs • Crowdsourcing • Aggregators 3 Which of the following can be ignored in the decision making process? • Knowledge about customers • Knowing the company’s market share • Knowing the size of the market • Compensation paid to competitors’ staff 4. The act of locating wireless local area networks while moving around a city is called___________. • War driving • Cybersquatting • RF jamming • Wireless network jamming 5. Collecting business intelligence information supports which of the decision-making issues below: • The salaries of co-workers • Evaluating the competitors’ position in the market • The age of all the employees • How many people are employed by an organization’s vendors 6. Social networking sites are becoming substantially important for managers in: • Determining social status • Overseeing staff • Determining pay rates • Recruiting 7. Which type of privacy policy restricts an organization from collecting personal information until the customer specifically authorizes it? • Opt-in model • Opt-out model • Electronic surveillance • Profiling 8. The ____________ is an identifier that displays the address of the cell currently used in the worksheet. • Status bar • Name box • Sheet tab • Formula bar 9. Which of the following system acquisition methods requires staff to systematically go through every step in the development process and has a lower probability of missing important user requirements? • End-user development • Systems development life cycle • Prototyping • External acquisition 10. The greatest threat to information security is: • Technological • Human • Innovation • Software 11. Shopping cart applications support which of the following: • Graphics • Web design software • Customer orders • Writing software code 12. Enterprise resource planning applications seeks to integrate a number of issues, including which of the following: • Tenure of the staff • Production and inventory levels • Turnover rate of the project staff • Vacation schedules 13. A PowerPoint slide is typically built in the ________________. • Notes pane • Outline tab • Add-Ins tab • Slide pane 14 Which of the following is not an advantage of the buy option for acquiring IS applications? • The company will know what it is getting. • Few types of off-the-shelf software are available, thus limiting confusion. • The software can be tried out. • The option saves time. 15. Which of the following is a wireless technology? • Communication between a modem and a router • Fiber-optic connections • 4G applications • Typical cable modem to router communication link 16. A(n) _______________ is automatically launched by some trigger and appears in front of the active window. • Keyword banner • Pop-up ad • Text box • Pop-under ad 17. Critical to the systems development life cycle is the identification of: • The price charged other customers • Knowing the customer’s goals and objectives • Time of year it is developed • Seeing what competitors provide 18. Which of the following is an ethical issue? • Sales tax formulas • Accuracy • Business Process Reengineering • Software coding 19. Wireless communication includes whic


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