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BIOL 101 MODULE 6 QUIZ Question 1 A hormone that controls a person’s appetite might bind to which of the following sites? Question 2 Which of the following will end a pregnancy? Question 3 The portion of meiosis in which the total number of chromosomes is reduced to half is called the reduction division. Which stage below brings this about? Question 4 In Iris plants asexual reproduction results from Question 5 Penetration of the egg’ zona pellucida by the sperm cell is a process driven by Question 6 In the human body, melatonin supplementation is thought to help overcome the effects of Question 7 Which of the following are involved in the control of sperm cell production? Question 8 Order the structures by which a mature sperm cell travels from the epididymis to the female’s reproductive tract. Question 9 In the lactose operon of E.coli, how does the repressor protein change its shape? Question 10 Haploid secondary spermatocytes go on directly to complete meiosis forming four spermatid cells. These will differentiate into sperm cells. The last stage of meiosis (that generates the spermatids) is called Question 11 The reproductive system uses the hormones ________ and (later on) ____________ to “think ahead”. They guide the preparation of the uterus for its role in supporting pregnancy. Question 12 Meiosis is a specialized process that Question 13 In the Venus Fly trap, how does the enzyme expansin help to close the trap? Question 14 One disadvantage of sexual reproduction is Question 15 Dilation of the cervix is a chemical procedure that Question 16 The human nervous system responds to daily alterations in light and darkness by Question 17 The sequence of events in how a Venus fly trap closes is: Question 18 About the time of ____________, male genetic information from the sperm begins to be translated into protein products. This is used by some to determine when a mother and her conceptus become separate individuals. Question 19 In the human body, decreasing melatonin levels Question 20 After a fly trips the sensory hair on the modified leaf of a Venus fly trap, what is the very next step in the closing process? Question 21 The phrase, “two homologous sets of genes” means Question 22 Normally a fertilized egg ends its journey temporarily by implanting within the wall of the _____________. Question 23 Which of the following is an example of asexual reproduction in plants? Question 24 Homeostasis can be described as: Question 25 The following is a list of methods by which human conception can be postponed. Which one blocks sperm on its journey from the testicles to the fallopian tubes?


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