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BIOL 101 MODULE 3 QUIZ Question 1 When your car engine burns the octane in gasoline, at least 50% of the energy of the octane Question 2 If the final end product of a metabolic pathway is continually removed and used elsewhere then Question 3 The three metabolic pathways that make up aerobic respiration are really all parts of one larger pathway because Question 4 The most energetic and useful product of the Krebs cycle is Question 5 Energy-releasing reactions drive biosynthetic ones forward by contributing to a pool of Question 6 Photosynthesis and respiration are complementing processes within a global cycle known as the Question 7 New molecules of glucose are produced Question 8 Which of the following is a stage of aerobic respiration? Question 9 Physicists define energy as Question 10 A single regulatory molecule can shut down multiple metabolic pathways if it is able to Question 11 If the final product of a metabolic pathway begins to build up in excess, the pathway can often be slowed down by a process called Question 12 Which of the following phrases best describes the role of NADPH in photosynthesis? Question 13 In respiration, chemical energy is transferred from glucose to ATP. The energy transfer however, is not 100% efficient. In the transfer, some of the energy is lost as Question 14 Which of the following is not a major sort/category of energy change within the cell? Question 15 The most valuable product, energetically, of electron transfer phosphorylation is Question 16 The wavelengths of light used in photosynthesis are found in the _________ portion of the electromagnetic spectrum Question 17 In living organisms, the activation energy of desired reactions is lowered by the use of Question 18 Energy supplied to break bonds in reactant molecules is known as Question 19 In the chloroplast, light dependent reactions take place in the __________________ while light independent reactions take place in the __________________. Question 20 Enzymes are important because they Question 21 An endergonic reaction always Question 22 Plants are considered autotrophic because their cells contain Question 23 ______ is freely convertible from one form to another but _______ can never be created or destroyed. Question 24 In a crowded, unventilated room, the temperature rises because Question 25 Reactants like hydrogen and oxygen molecules and are converted into a product like water molecules in the course of


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