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BIOL 101 MODULE 2 QUIZ Question 1 A prokaryotic cell is protected against osmotic swelling and rupture by its Question 2 Discrete, visible lengths of DNA sequence found in human cell nuclei are known as Question 3 A eukaryotic cell that needs to have a lot of ATP energy would have lots of Question 4 A eukaryotic cell structure (organelle) in which the final stages of protein maturation are completed: Question 5 Which of the following is NOT a kind of protein found in a prokaryotic membrane? Question 6 Which base is used in RNA but not DNA? Question 7 Animal fats tend to be _______________ hydrogen atoms. Question 8 The function of glycogen is to Question 9 An amino group, a carboxylic acid group, a hydrogen atom and one or more atoms composing a side chain (“R” group) all together make up a monomer called Question 10 The boundary around a prokaryotic cell can best be described as Question 11 Generally speaking, prokaryotic cells___________ eukaryotic cells. Question 12 Eukaryotic cells heavily responsible for making proteins have their ribosomes arranged within a network of channels known as the Question 13 An important function of the eukaryotic cell membrane is to Question 14 A fat molecule consists of: Question 15 Which of the following eukaryotic structures (organelles) uses photosynthesis to capture solar energy? Question 16 Which of these is an organelle that would be useful in a cell that takes in and destroys viruses? Question 17 It is difficult for human macrophages to detect and destroy Strep cells because Strep cells Question 18 The nucleoid of a prokaryotic organism contains Question 19 Cells are small because Question 20 Which of the following cells are prokaryotic? Question 21 Which of the following occurs in the nucleolus? Question 22 Microcompartments Question 23 Which of the following is a class of monomers used as building blocks in the polymers of living organisms? Question 24 A large polymeric molecule that is nonpolar over most of its structure but very polar at one end: Question 25 Five of the six carbon atoms in a glucose molecule are typically found


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