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Biographical Essay


a 3-4 Biographical Essay I gave some information about my self and need some one to expand it to 4-5 pages not plagiarize and please no references . Who are you My name is Alqassem Alshaikh, from the east side of Saudi Arabia. 22 years old who just started the university. What is your background I grew up in a business family, all of my relative are business men. I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Used to hangout and work with my dad since I was 13 years old. I wanted to become a chef instead of studying business, but my family did not supported me, now I take cooking as a hobby. What are your interests I’m interested in cars a lot. I love learning how to cook new things and master it. I’m interested to know as much people as I can, I like making friendships with new people. I like all Sports that doesn’t have teams. What are you talents Pool table, ping pong, cooking, making new friends, making peace, presentations, What are your achievements I learned English in Canada, I lost 55 kilos, I worked in many fields in the business world, I speak 3 languages Arabic English and Spanish, I have a lot of friends. What challenges have you faced The biggest challenge was to lose weight, my dad told me that he won’t let me study abroad unless if I lose weight and memories the holly Quran, I made it


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