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Basic Javascript Interactivity practice


Basic Javascript Interactivity practice Overview: The Basic Interactivity practice assignment asks students to make some simple changes to the JavaScript file supplied in the Practice Assignment JavaScript Review ZIP file. This assignment provides students with an opportunity to further demonstrate their understanding of JavaScript by adding new code to an existing file. In addition, students are asked to add a CSS file that performs some minor styling on the HTML elements contained within the webpage. Prompt: Using the files from Practice Assignment JavaScript Review ZIP file (the same one you used in task 5-2), make the following changes: If the first name entered is equal to “John,” the alert window should display “Hello, John.” If the first name is anything else, the alert box should display the name entered. (Hint: One way to do this is to add a new condition to the if statement.) Update the welcome message that is added to the page when it loads such that it includes the current year. (NOTE: Year only—no other part of the date). Add a CSS file that does the following: Sets the font size and font color of the text for the welcome message to 24 pixels, blue and Sets the font size on the form to 18 pixels. Review the JavaScript function “validateInput” in the Practice Assignment JavaScript Review ZIP file. Add a comment before each line of the function, describing what action the next line of code performs. Guidelines for Submission: The Basic Interactivity assignment should be submitted as follows: A top-level folder named with the following convention: IT647_Mod5-3_BasicInteractivity_StudentName The top-level folder should contain all files from the Practice Assignment JavaScript Review ZIP file, along with an updated version of the JavaScript file, and a new CSS file, contained with a folder named CSS.


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