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Baroque vs. Renaissance


Baroque vs. Renaissance Assignment #1: Baroque vs. Renaissance Compare a work from the Italian Baroque period with one of the works from the chapter on the Renaissance. Be sure to note the appearance in the works of the defining characteristics from each period. Discuss the shift in artistic expression to that of heightened emotion in religious works. Assignment #2: Africa and Cross-Cultural Encounters Examine the map and respond to the question that follows. What factors led to the growth of the African slave trade, especially after the eleventh century C.E.? Assignment #3: Scientific Revolution Watch the video on the Enlightenment in this week’s web assignments, page 5. You can also use information from the web or your textbook. Identify the contributions of the central figures of the Scientific Revolution, including Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo and Newton, and discuss how their works changed the perceptions of the universe.


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