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Bar Management Course


Paper for Bar Management Course (Need a creative person) Need someone who is willing to complete a project for my Bar Management Course. The purpose of the project is to create your own bar (My choice is a Rooftop Bar) – to choose a location (My choice is Miami, FL) – and to choose a name (My choice of name for the Rooftop Bar is Skyhigh) Your job is to write : 1) A concept development of the bar created. You are to make this up. 1-2 pages 2) A marketing page of the bar created. Meaning who would the costumers be, location, competition around, etc. 1-2 pages 3) A cocktail menu with prices. (Not too high, not too cheap) must include : 4 beers, 4 wines, 4 cocktails Make sure that the price you are putting on the drinks are according to the concept of the bar. 4) Pictures of location which would be Miami-Brickell, pictures of drinks, pictures of people expected to attend (random young people ) Need it to be creative and to catch attention from the other presentations.


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