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BA362/ BA362 Quiz 4 Latest 2016


Question Question 1 (2 points) All of the following are part of the planning function EXCEPT: Question 1 options: Deciding which actions to take to achieve objectives. Checking to determine whether operations are adhering to established plans. Analyzing a situation. Establishing objectives. Save Question 2 (2 points) Supervisors should not bother others when planning for the short-term because it will only pull employees away from what they are paid to do. Question 2 options: True False Save Question 3 (2 points) Written policies are more likely to be followed consistently than policies that are simply communicated orally. Question 3 options: True False Save Question 4 (2 points) Which of the following statements about company policies is NOT true? Question 4 options: Policies are guides to decision making, not guides to action. Supervisors seldom need to issue policies. Written policies are more flexible and informal than unwritten ones. When a firm has few policies, a supervisor has greater flexibility to deal with situations as they occur. Save Question 5 (2 points) When a crisis occurs, the most important thing for an organization to do is to: Question 5 options: Deny fault. Respond quickly. Downplay the issue. Have multiple spokespeople. Save Question 6 (2 points) Informal groups cannot satisfy the needs of their members. Only formal groups can. Question 6 options: True False Save Question 7 (2 points) The primary purpose of staff authority is to provide line personnel with advice and counseling. Question 7 options: True False Save Question 8 (2 points) Organizational success is likely to happen when: Question 8 options: The culture encourages all employees to be the best they can be. Attention to details is a top priority. Either the goals of effective work performance or high job satisfaction exist. Authority is concentrated solely at the top of the organization. Save Question 9 (2 points) Which need do informal work groups satisfy? Question 9 options: Social All of these answers Biological Physiological Save Question 10 (2 points) Which of the following is NOT a factor that influences the span of management? Question 10 options: The complexity of the tasks employees perform Gender Employee abilities Staff assistance that is available


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