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Assignment Task for Managing Change in Organisation.


Assignment Task for Managing Change in Organisation. Either for the organisation you currently work for OR for an organisation with which you are familiar: Questions:- 1. Briefly describe a significant organisational change which has occurred within the last 5 years. Discuss the main internal and external drivers which made the change necessary and outline the key management objectives in making the change. 2. Using relevant course materials, demonstrate how managers planned the actions required to achieve their objectives. Demonstrate what additional techniques might have been used. 3. Evaluate how effectively the process of implementing the change was managed. How appropriately was any resistance to change managed? 4. Assess to what extent the change was successful in meeting its objectives. Assess the need for any further related changes. Important Note- Word Count: 4000 words (maximum) excluding the title and contents pages, and any footnotes, bibliography and appendices. Penalties will apply if the word count exceeds the specified word count by greater than 10% and if the assignment is submitted after the deadline without a pre-approved extension. Please also carefully note the University regulations on plagiarism. Indicative Assessment criteria (Learning outcomes assessed – all) Before starting this assignment you are required to send to your tutor an outline in up to 500 words of the problem you will consider, what theory you plan to use and how you would expect to improve the problem situation. WRITING STYLE- SUBHEADING (1A)Company/organisational change overview -who/what is the company, size, where it is, what it makes, service. (1A)problem- what the major change going to be done IN 350 WORDS. (1B)Internal/external drivers- internal -4 and external-4 drivers. IN 350 WORDS. (1C) Key management objective- what the management want to achieve-i.e. answer to the problem, e.g like by increasing profit and decreasing costs. 3 or 4 answers. IN 350 WORDS. (2A) ACTION TO ACHIEVE OBJECTIVE- how they achieve objective, by applying theory to know why they take such actions. In 500 words. Theory and diagram, cause and effect analysis model(fish, pareto, 5Y) (2b) what else they could have done, by applying theory why they have to take into action. In 500 words. Theory and diagram. (3)Evaluate the implemented plan- Includes resistor with drivers, atleast 5 resistors. Do force filed analysis by increase driver, decrease resistor, doing increase drive and decrease resistor simultaneously, resistor become to driver by giving examples.(1000) (4a)Assessment- from where you started and where you intended to go and where you ended up.(e.g started from A(problem) and the aim was to go towards B(objective) but ended up to C(half way), Is C better than A? Or if failed to achieve than why they failed(means change couldn’t work)?)(650) (4b)Recommendations- How do the company go from C to B or C is OK, or C is better than B.(350)


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