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Assignment on Employee Grievances


800 to 1000 words One dismissed employee claims that she was treated unfairly by being asking to work overtime with no pay. She was a salaried, exempt department manager. She claims that she was asked to travel to another location to help set up various events for a client and that she should have been paid overtime because it was outside her regular duties. She is seeking $18,000 in unpaid overtime. Students should analyze 1 scenario and create an argument that studies the following factors regarding the lawsuit:•What is the probability of winning or losing the case? Why?•How much money do you estimate the company will win or lose if the case goes to court?•Estimate the lawyers’ fees and other litigation costs.•Estimate the amount of time lost by company personnel.•List 2 factors that seem unique to this particular scenario.•Consider the long-term effects of the reputation and relationship of your company with its constituents.•Consider possible psychological costs associated with lawsuits.


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