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Assignment of Pepsico


1. – Sustainability is often viewed as a break with an outdated business philosophy in which management decisions are driven strictly by the desire to increase profits whereas social and environmental concerns fall by the wayside. In The Triple Bottom Line, Savitz argues convincingly in favor of sustainable business, showing how, in today’s socially and environmentally conscious world, companies must take the well being of non-financial stakeholders into account to achieve financial success. Do you believe that today’s companies make socially and environmentally sound decisions because it is the right thing to do? Or do you believe it is simply because the risk of negative financial consequences for not doing so has become too great? Is there a new triple bottom line? 2. – On what ethical, moral, or social grounds would you make a management decision that would lead to decreased profits? Cite a specific example and explain why your decision would be appropriate. Learning Team Assignment – Company is Pepsi Co. • Create a sustainability strategy for the selected business: o Identify ways in which it may expand upon current or past sustainability successes. o Identify opportunities for turning sustainability shortcomings into areas of sustainability growth. o Identify ways to improve stakeholder relationships. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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