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Assignment 5 Create an E-R Crow’s Foot data model for a real estate firm that lists property for sale. Also prepare a definition for each entity type, attribute, and relationship on your diagram. In addition, draw a data model for this situation using the tool you have been told to use in your course. The following describes this organization: • The firm has a number of sales offices in several states. Attributes of sales office include Office_Number(identifier) and Location. • Each sales office is assigned multiple employees. Attributes of employee include Employee_ID (identifier) and Employee_Name. An employee must be assigned to only one sales office. • For each sales office, there is always one employee assigned to manage that office. An employee may mange only the sales office to which he or she is assigned. • The firm lists property for sale. Attributes of property include Property_ID (identifier) and Location Components of Location include Address, City, State, and Zip_Code. • Each unit of property must be listed with one (and only one) of the sales offices. A sales office may have any number of properties listed or may have no properties listed. • Each unit of property has one or more owners. Attributes of owners are Owner_ID (identifier) and Owner_Name. An owner may own one or more units of property. Attribute Percent_Owned records the percentage at which one owner owns a particular property.


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