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Assignment 3 Operational Barriers to Success


Assignment 3 Operational Barriers to Success Assignment 3: Operational Barriers to Success Delivering on a value proposition demands constant improvement and innovation as competition changes over time along with evolving customers’ needs and wants. How an organization delivers is not only dependent on its ability to serve the market but also on how well it adapts and overcomes the challenges of its own structure, culture, incentives, and design. However, an organization may face many barriers that hinder its ability to overcome these challenges. Using the module readings, Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet, research operational barriers. Based on your research, address the following: • What tools might an organization use to help identify barriers? • Identify at least three barriers that impede an organization’s ability to adopt innovative practices and processes. • Identify at least one organization that faced these barriers, describe the approach used to address these barriers, and explain whether it was successful or unsuccessful. • Explain what you would you have done differently to overcome these barriers.


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