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Sales Letter To be completed individually, this is a one- to two-page letter introducing JHT to the owner/dentist, following the AIDA strategy for persuasive messages, culminating with asking for an appointment to discuss your sales proposal. Prepare a sales letter to Dr. Smiles to introduce JHT by gaining his attention, building his interest, eliciting desire in our products, and motivating action to accept a meeting with you and your colleagues to discuss your sales proposal. Assume that the clinic is a new construction project and is going to be completed within the coming weeks. You heard about the new clinic through a mutual friend, Dwight Scott, and believe that you can offer dental novelties and supplies at fabulous prices. The action item you will want to end with is seeking a 30-minute appointment with him to show you some product samples and discuss JHT’s incredible service, targeting the 15 th of next month for that meeting. The letter should follow block format (see pages B-4 and B-6 in the appendix). You can assume that the letter is on letterhead; as a result, start the date line at approximately 1.5” down on the page. Address the letter to: • Dr. Miles O. Smiles • Dentaltown Junior • 1310 Gonzo Avenue • Appletown, WI 54900 Software & Formatting • Completed in Microsoft Word • Minimum: 1.5 pages; maximum: 3 pages • Appropriate, professional-looking font of size 10-12 (do not mix fonts) • No more than 1” margins


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