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Applied Sciences homework help


Applied Sciences homework help Staff Meeting Agenda and Training Plan Scenario You are the manager of the HIM Department and one of your performance evaluation requirements is for you to have a monthly staff meeting. You realize this is a good way to keep communication lines open with staff and to keep them informed of announcements and changes in the department. You have several staff that work remotely and those staff members also need to be able to participate. You also realize that the work demands have increased and you do not want productivity suffering by taking the staff away from their work. Prepare an agenda for the HIM Staff Meeting. Include in this agenda a short educational topic for the staff. As the manager of HIM you have just hired a new Information and Record Clerk. This employee has expressed an interest in learning more about HIM and a future goal is to move up in the organization, plan how you will train this new employee for future positions. • Prepare a Training Plan for this new staff member. Utilize a table format and include a column for the activity, topic or class; mode of training (college course, computer, etc. ) and the date it will be done and the date of completion. Include any other items that you feel are important.


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