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Applied Sciences Homework Help


Applied Sciences Homework Help statistics Managers rate employees according to job performance and attitude. The results for several randomly selected employees are given below. Performance 59 63 65 69 58 77 76 69 70 64 Attitude 72 67 78 82 75 87 92 83 87 78 1. Construct and show a scatterplot of the data. Does it show a positive correlation, negative correlation or no correlation? Solution: Instructor Comments: 2. Find the value of the linear correlation coefficient r. Solution: Instructor Comments: 3. Find the critical values for a = 0.05. Solution: Instructor Comments: 4. Based on the critical value and the correlation coefficient, is there sufficient evidence to conclude that there is linear correlation between job performance and attitude? Explain why or why not. Solution: Instructor Comments: 5. Find the value of r2 and explain its meaning. Solution: Instructor Comments:


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