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Applied Sciences Homework Help Criteria for performance Evaluation For this assignment, use the Production Standard Method to develop the criteria for the performance appraisal that you would utilize for the position of Release of Information Technician .Document the criteria you will use to evaluate the employee. This will be for the annual performance evaluation. Please read the notes below for guidance for this. Helpful Notes Performance Evaluation Importance The purpose of a performance evaluation is to discuss with the employee how well they have performed on mutually set goals and measures. The performance evaluation can be used for possible promotion, further development of an employee, and the basis for a merit increase of wages. The formal appraisal system is also valuable in considering such criteria as job knowledge, ability to follow through on assignments, judgment, attitude, cooperation, dependability, productivity, and safety. Two-way communication is important because without feedback from an employees and their effect on performance, a manager runs the risk of decreasing an employee’s motivation. Equally important is the subject of what needs improvement or enhancement in their job. Appraising individuals is probably one of the most difficult tasks in a manager’s job. This is because the manager has their idea of what should be accomplished in the job and the employee has another idea. Emotions are involved in this appraisal and it can be tough to do. Especially, if the employee is not meeting the expectations of the job. Despite the potential threat of being evaluated, performance appraisals can be welcomed by employees. One of the most important aspects of evaluations is that the employee wants to know where they stand with management. Research has shown that employees who receive this personal feedback is connected to job satisfaction. Periodic evaluations provides the employees with feedback. On the other hand, just because the employee receives feedback doesn’t mean that they are always satisfied with the evaluation they receive. Intentionally or not, many unskilled managers turn the appraisal sessions into criticisms of past shortcomings and they do little besides turning the employee into feeling resentment and defensiveness against their employer. By learning more about performance evaluations, a manager can make sure that a performance review meets the needs of both the management staff and the employees. Performance Evaluation Timeliness Performance reviews should be a part of regular communication between a manager and employee, the more formal discussion is normally held on a yearly basis. When an employee is hired new to an organization, a review should also be conducted prior to the end of the probationary period. Performance issues are rarely resolved by ignoring them. Understanding a problem and what is causing it and working with an employee is an management task that needs to be taken seriously. When performance reviews are conducted, the following steps will assist with the process. • Prepare for and schedule the appraisals in advance. This will give you time to review the job description, goals that that were set, productivity reports, and any other criteria that is important to the position. Schedule the time in advance so the employee has time to think about their own job performance. • Create an environment so the employee is at ease. Many people become emotional during this interview so set the employee at ease and comfortable during the meeting. This will make them receptive to constructive feedback. • Describe the purpose of the appraisal to the employee. Explain to the employee what the appraisal will be used for. Explain if the appraisal will be used for a salary increase or if it will be used for other personnel decisions. • Include the employee in the appraisal decision including a self-appraisal. The appraisal should not be a one way c


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