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Android mobile discussion questions


Android mobile discussion questions This is due Sunday by 2pm EST. I need one short paragraph for each question. 1. Do you think that a common mistake made with mobile apps is that they don’t address the differences between a touch-based interface and a mouse-based interface? For instance, a mouse-based interface is precise. Tiny buttons and small clickable areas work. Button location isn’t a big issue. An apps touch-based interface is not precise. It requires buttons large enough for a thumb press. Additionally, button location is very important which might not be a problem with traditional designs. 2. Do you think there may also be differences in testing as well? For example think of all the different mobile devices and operating systems on the market now, and in order to have an effective app, there may have to be additional testing to ensure that the program is working on all devices you want to market to. 3. Do you think that overall performance of an app is one of the main reasons people wouldn’t use the program? If you were designing an app what might be some of the things which could cause performance to increase?


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