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Analyze of the Organization


Global Operations Management Assignment Name: Unit 5 Discussion Board Deliverable Length: 3 paragraphs Details: Analyze the customer or client expectations for your current employer or department. If you are not currently employed you may analyze an organization in an industry or field where you might like to be employed. Respond to the following questions: • What are the customer or client needs or expectations? • What operational systems are used? • What total quality management processes or systems are used? • To what extent are total quality processes employed? • How do these systems or processes enable organization to meet customer or client needs? Grading Criteria % of grade for this assignment Identify customer or client needs, operations systems used, and total quality management processes in place. 30% Identify the extent of the total quality management processes and how these processes enable the organization to meet the customer of client needs. 20% Peer response of similarities or differences in operations systems outlined. 30% Peer response regarding appropriate measures for total quality management. 15% APA citation and references 5% Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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