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analysis of Whole Foods Market



Case #1 Whole Foods Market (p. C-2) and prepare a 4-8 page report to complete the following: Discuss the trends in retailing of organic foods and the impact of these trends on Whole Foods Market. Evaluate the competitive environment of the firm: Apply Porter’s model and analyze each factor relative to the company. Discuss which environmental factor poses the most significant threat to Whole Food and what the company can do to combat it. Complete a SWOT analysis and identify significant opportunities and threats facing the organization. Discuss how Whole Foods can use it strengths and opportunities to achieve a sustained competitive advantage in the marketplace. The format of the report is to be as follows: Typed, double spaced, Times New Roman font (size 12), one inch margins on all sides, APA format. Type the question followed by your answer to the question. In addition to the 4-8 pages required, a title page is to be included. Business Management Assignment Help, Business Management Homework help, Business Management Study Help, Business Management Course Help


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