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An organization has been made a party in a civil lawsuit


An organization has been made a party in a civil lawsuit 1. A security manager has instructed a system administrator to wipe files on a hard disk. This means that the administrator needs to: a. Perform a low-level format on the hard disk b. Use a degausser to re-align the magnetic storage material on the hard disk c. Use a tool to overwrite files multiple times d. Perform a high-level format on the hard disk 2. An organization has received notice of a lawsuit related to activities in its operations department. How should the organization respond: a. Cease all purging activities until further notice b. Alter retention schedules and begin purging the oldest information c. Purge all information older than timelines specified in its retention schedule d. Hire an outside organization to perform all purging activities 3. An organization has experienced several virus infections on its desktop workstations. Which of the following remedies would NOT be effective to reduce virus infections? a. Install an anti-virus gateway web proxy server b. Install anti-virus on its e-mail servers c. Install anti-virus central management console d. Install anti-virus on its web servers 4. An organization has been made a party in a civil lawsuit. The organization is required to search its electronic records for specific memoranda. This process is known as: a. Subpoena b. Search and seizure c. Discovery d. Electronic discovery 5. An organization’s critical application is required to be continuously available, with only a few minutes’ per month of downtime allowed. What measure should the organization implement to assure this level of availability? a. Server clustering b. Server clustering and data replication c. Hot standby site d. Data replication Computer Science Assignment Help, Computer Science Homework help, Computer Science Study Help, Computer Science Course Help


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