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Resources: National Congress of American Indians website http://www.ncai.org, the Indian Country Today website at http://www.indiancountry.com, list of Native American Indian Tribes and Languages at http://www.native-languages.org/languages.htm#alpha, or another credible online source, Research any or all of the above sites and select ONE specific Native American tribe within currentU.S. society. Write a 200 to 300 response that answers the following: 1.Briefly discuss some of the tribe’s history in theUS.Explain how the tribe is doing politically, economically and culturally in theUnited States. 2.Correctly identify and describe ONE current political, economic or cultural issue that the tribe is facing. 3.Correctly identify US federal policy that is related to the issue and discuss how this policy is affecting the tribe politically, economically or culturally. Review the sites provided.


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