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AMBA/640 AMBA640 AMBA 640 Week 8 Individual Assignment


AMBA 640 Week 8 Individual Assignment Basic Instructions: • Each student is to critically analyze the provided information on Apple Computers. In particular, each student updates the information by additional research to include Apple’s newer product lines, its competitors, and recent events, and decides the lessons that have been learned for enterprise information systems managers, in a succinct report that includes a results-filled executive summary. • Each student also researches for evidence, if any, that Apple uses any of the following in its business activities: “business intelligence”, “enterprise resource planning (ERP)”, “customer relationship management (CRM)”, “data mining”, and ”intelligent systems”, and assesses the results in the report. Additional Instructions: It will be important to: • Extract the lessons of your research on Apple and its competitors for enterprise information systems managers. • Present evidence whether Apple uses any of the topics named in the second “bullet” above • Be succinct, as your readership will likely be busy with other things and can devote only a limited time to reading your ideas, no matter how good they are. • Use A Format for Text Assignments, in Content/General Information.


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