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AMBA/640 AMBA640 AMBA 640 Week 8 Discussion Activity


AMBA 640 Week 8 Discussion Activity Basic Instructions: During Weeks 8 and 9, working as a section in virtual teams as assigned by and under the leadership of a volunteer student CIO and Assistant CIO, the section drafts an information systems management (ISM) plan for Acme Mexico City. Specifically, the section completes the work tasked as Assignment 4 in the FOUR ASSIGNMENTS PACKAGE found in Content/General Information. Additional Instructions: • In view of our time constraints, this will be a draft ISM plan. • Acme corporate headquarters will have standards, policies, and expectations with which Acme Mexico City (AMC) must comply. These may be hypothesized. • Acme Mexico City will need to support both store-internal and -external IS needs o Internal needs will include support of at least store  Business processes and operations  Decision making by employees and managers  Strategies to gain competitive advantage  Human resource needs o External needs will include at least:  Reporting to Acme corporate  Meeting Mexican and US government regulatory requirements  Fulfilling supplier and customer expectations in this business sector in Mexico City o Any format that logically and succinctly addresses that above needs may be used o A sample ISM plan for a health services organization follows below. It is deliberately for such an organization because:  Health services is another important business sector supported by IM (ISM)  Please don’t copy a sample format, but rather design your own that meets Acme Mexico City’s needs Use correct English in all your writing. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sample Information Systems Management Plan for a Health Services Organization Omitted sections are indicated by (more) ABC Health Corporation Information Services Department Information Systems Management Plan The Information Systems Management Plan documents the objectives and methods for improving and assessing the use of information within [Company name]. The plan consists of eight sections: Purpose, Objectives, Planning Overview, Information Services Department overview, Current HIS Environment, Microcomputer policy, Hospital Security of Information, and Information Services Security Policy. I. Purpose The primary purpose of the Information Systems Management Plan is to provide a framework for assessing and improving the management and use of information within [Company name]. II. Objectives The objectives of the information systems management planning process are to assess the [Company name] information needs and implement solutions. Proposed solutions should address the following topics: A. Strengths and weaknesses of existing manual and automated systems; B. Organization or department’s type, structure, size, and complexity (more) III. Planning Overview Information system planning is performed at two levels: Strategic and Implementation. Strategic planning involves the Information Systems Executive Steering Committee who meet quarterly. The mission, strategic goals and planned systems are presented in the [company name] Information Systems Strategic Plan. (Please see this plan for details.) Implementation level planning involves project steering committees (more) IV. Information Services Department [Company name] Information Services Department (ISD) coordinates the collection, processing, and reporting of data throughout the facility to support a reliable, efficient flow of information. The ISD staff oversees the daily operation of the Hospital Information System (HIS) and assists users with training, support, and problem solving. Confidentiality will be maintained in accordance with hospital policy. ISD also assists other departments with planning and implementation of new information systems. V. Current Hospital Information System (HIS) Environ


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