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AMBA/640 AMBA640 AMBA 640 Week 7 Learning Assignment


AMBA 640 Week 7 Learning Assignment Readiness Exercise – Information Systems Management This information systems management (ISM) learning readiness exercise (LRE) was developed and will be assessed by our AMBA 640 / AMBA 640 Hybrid Faculty/Teaching Assistants: Christine Bailey, Mike Blanford, Darrell Bratton, Gina DiMaggio, Phillip Foust, Ross Kooiman, Bill Lock, Bob Neumeister, Najam Hassan (now Professor, SUS, UMUC), Manny Singh, and Richard Wagner. The purpose of this LRE is to assess your current knowledge of aspects of ISM and thus to determine who might benefit from extra help during the ISM portions of the course. It is a required assignment. It is marked only PASS/FAIL, albeit with comments from your TA, and thus does not count toward your course GPA. You will find articles and specific helps for each ISM assignment posted in your section classroom. Assignment Kindly answer the following questions, posting your answers to your assignments folder. Include your name within your file, which per our syllabus, should be in pdf format. 1. Your ISM experienceThe primary role of information systems management in the organization is to s___________ the strategy of the organization. a. I have prior experience in information systems management. Yes/No b. I have managed information systems managers. Yes/No c. I have used ISM software. Yes/No 2. The primary role of information systems management in the organization is to s___________ the strategy of the organization. 3. ISM is implemented through information and telecommunications t__________y. 4. An information system generally consists of people, p___________s, h_____________ and s_____________. 5. Short-answer: Java is a computer programming language that is said to be object-oriented. What does “object-oriented” mean in the sense of computer programming? 6. Besides Windows, two other computer software operating systems are: a. OS X Yo__________ b. Li____________. 7. Besides Firefox, two other Internet browsers are: a. I___________ E__________ (or with Windows 10, E____) b. C_____________. 8. Three features said to distinguish “smart” phones from earlier mobile/cell phones are: a. An O__________ S_______ b. Ability to send and receive E_____ c. Ability to access the I_________. 9. An enterprise’s chief information officer needs, first and foremost, superior computer technical skills. True/False/Don’t Know 10. Ideally, ISM provides not only a c________ center but also a p________ center in the organization, along with conveying a s____________ c___________ a_____________e to it. Again kindly remember to submit a pdf file with your answers. Kindly include your name within both your uploaded file’s name and also your paper. Kindly page number your paper.


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