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AMBA 640 WEEK 6 TEAM ASSIGNMENT WEEK 6 TA. Team Assignment: Planning/Assessing Production for Toyota North America Lexus RX 350, Successor in 2007 to the RX 330 – Together with Toyota, Lexus achieved top rating for reliability in Consumer Reports’ 2016 Annual Auto Issue Photo courtesy of Toyota Motor Company Overview In this assignment, student teams prepare a report to demonstrate their acquired knowledge of the Toyota Production System and of Toyota Motor Company’s North American regional production strategy. A real-world case study underpins one-half of the assignment. Assignment Address as a team the following four exercises due as specified in the LEO classroom. Exercise 1: Making a Critical Assessment of the Toyota Production System (TPS) Today 1. Demonstrate your team’s basic understanding of the TPS by Defining in your team’s own words any eight of the terms found at http://www.toyotageorgetown.com/terms.asp, and 2. Applying them to one or more of your team’s own companies or other organizations. For example, Pokayoke is an approach to avoid production mistakes through use of devices or processes that detect or prevent errors. At a software development firm, Pokayoke might be applied through use of a modular development process that includes extensive software module testing before proceeding to module integration and then total system testing a. Describe the TPS as a total entity. What are its purposes? Its advantages? Its limitations? How is it now evolving? Is it getting better or not? Has it been successfully copied by other motor vehicle manufacturers, fully or partially? Why or why not? c. Include an executive summary. Exercise 2: Use of Grid Analysis (Weighted Scoring) to Help Make the North American Plant Location Decision for the RX 330 This exercise illustrates how when deciding among two or more competing plant location options, various decision factors (which can typically be characterized as exogenous – in the environment external to the company, hence largely outside its control – or as endogenous – internal to the company, therefore largely under its control) can be qualitatively identified, and how these factors can then be scored, weighted, and summed to obtain an overall score for each competing location option. An example of an exogenous factor is regulations or laws established by the government where the company operates. An example of an endogenous factor is the wages the company elects to pay, where not constrained by law. You will use grid analysis/weighted scoring, another important tool employed by operations managers, in developing your recommendation. a. List the factors your team considers key to the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC): The Lexus RX 330 Line North American plant location decision, identifying these factors as either exogenous or endogenous, weighting them using your team’s best judgment (stating any relevant assumptions or constraints), and assigning two scores to each factor: one score for production of the Lexus RX 330 at TMMC, and one score for production at a Toyota factory in the USA. Sum the weighted scores to obtain an overall number for each of the two locations. b. Using the scores from your team’s weighted scoring model and working with regard to Ringi Sho and Nemawashi, make and support your recommendation for the RX 330 North American plant location – TMMC, or a factory in the USA. c. Include an executive summary. Exercise 3: Recommending Production Capacity Needed at Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Canada (TMMC) Decision trees are another important if challenging world-class operations management method which operations managers should understand and with which other managers should be familiar. This exercise illustrates how through using a decision tree, determination of an “optimal” production capacity option can be made from amo


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