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AMBA 640 WEEK 4 LEARNING READINESS EXERCISE Learning Readiness Exercise #2 – Operations Management The purpose of this voluntary LRE is to assess your current knowledge of aspects of operations management and thus to determine who might benefit from extra help during the OM portions of the seminar. This LRE was developed by our then AMBA 640 / AMBA 640 Hybrid Teaching Assistants: Christine Bailey, Bryan Berthot, Mike Blanford, Darrell Bratton (now Professor,TGS, UMUC), Gina DiMaggio, Phillip Foust, Ross Kooiman, Bill Lock, Bob Neumeister, Manny Singh, and Richard Wagner. Assignment: Kindly answer the following questions, posting your answers to your assignments folder. Include your name within your file, which per our syllabus, should be in pdfformat. 1. Your OM experience a. I have prior experience in operations management. Yes/No b. I have managed operations managers. Yes/No c. I have used OM software. Yes/No 2. Operations management is sometimes also known as p___________ management and/or s________ c_______ management and/or management s________. 3. Examples of important OM methods and techniques include: a. G___d A______s b. D_______n T______s c. S___ S______a 4. Linear Programming is a mathematical technique used to allocate limited resources among competing demands in an optimal way. For instance, it might be used to maximize profit or to minimize cost. True/False/Don’t Know Again kindly submit your response as a pdf format file. Kindly include your name within both your uploaded file’s name and also your paper. Kindly page number your paper.


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