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AMBA/630 AMBA630 AMBA 630 Week 10 Assignment


AMBA 630 Week 10 Assignment Note: the following instructions may materially differ from the instructions posted in the content description. Follow the content description. The differences are intended to prevent plagiarism. Important: please do not submit this Week 10 assignment late. I have to submit final course grades promptly at the end of the semester. That means that late Week 10 assignments will receive grades of zero. So please don’t hurt your grade by submitting late. Create a balanced scorecard for a specific unit of your organization or of an organization of your choice and then write a paper of 10-to-15 pages in length discussing your balanced scorecard. Giving your reasoning for the selections and decisions you made. In writing your paper, identify the strategic objectives of the entire organization and the secondary objectives for your unit. Then develop three specific objectives within each of the four perspectives for the unit. Each objective should have at least one quantified target metric associated with it. For each metric discuss the appropriate target value and the actions that need to be taken to achieve the target. The Balanced Scorecard can certainly be applied to the Military or to non-profit organizations but it really works best with for-profit organizations. There is no need for you or anyone else to use your own organization for this exercise. Some students may be bound by confidentiality agreements and CANNOT even use their own companies while others find it somewhat difficult to apply the Balanced Scorecard to their own organization. Please feel free to use any company with which you are familiar, either as a stockholder, as a former employee or just because you are interested in the company. My aim is to see HOW you apply the Balanced Scorecard and I don’t need to know the particular details of anyone’s organization, if it is difficult for you to apply it or to reveal information. Also, please feel free to be creative when you do not have access to data or are bound by confidentiality agreements not to reveal information. Our aim is to see how well you can use the balanced scorecard not to find out authentic information about companies. Upload your paper to Assignments. In the Week 10 discussion area, post an Executive Summary. Comment on your classmates’ Executive Summaries in the Week 10 discussion area.


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