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Without establishing customer loyalty, a company’s chances of success may diminish. What do we as consumers look for in a restaurant, store, or company that keeps us coming back time and time again? For this project, you will select an establishment that you frequent. It can be a supermarket super store, gas station, full-service restaurant (as examples). Please do not use a fast food restaurant for this assignment. PART 1: Personal Narrative 1. Analyze what experience(s) made you a loyal customer? 2. How does the store keep you satisfied? Provide examples. (This section of the paper should be at least one page in length.) PART 2: Interviews & Applications 1. Interview at least 2 people who are also loyal customers of the type of establishment you described above (it does not have to be the same store to which you are loyal). 1. o Have them describe the way they became loyal. o Ask them to talk about why they frequent that store vs. the competition. 1. Compare and contrast the experiences of the two interviewees and yourself. 2. In your opinion, what makes a loyal customer?


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