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ACCT/495 ACCT495 ACCT 495 Assignment 8-3


ACCT 495 Assignment 8-3: Cost Management System – Integrated Performance Measurement 20 points Purpose 1. To provide an overview of a Cost Management System and assess your ability to identify issues and best practices when applying in the accounting field. Action Items 1. Instructions to access the RIA Checkpoint: Use the Following Drill Down: 1. Checkpoint Contents. 2. Accounting, Audit & Corporate Finance Library. 3. Editorial Materials. 4. Cost Management 5. Cost Management for Service Industries 6. Part C: Enterprise-Wide Cost Management Systems 7. C3: Integrated Performance Measurement 2. Read Part C3: Integrated Performance Measurement. 3. Write: Develop a bulleted list of five to seven (5-7) issues or best practices that you identified based on your reading of this article and how it may impact you while performing in an accounting position. Submission Instructions • Click the Submit button in the Toolbox to upload your completed assignment prior to your class meeting. • Bring one copy of your completed assignment to class for an in-class activity. Grading Criteria • Completion of assignment: 0 – 15 points • Participation in class: 0 – 5 points


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