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ACCT/495 ACCT495 ACCT 495 Assignment 15-2


ACCT 495 Assignment 15-2: Peer Evaluation Five 10 points Purpose To evaluate the performance of your group members so far during this course. Action Items 1. Complete the Peer Evaluation Form provided for yourself and each member of your group for Weeks 13 through 15. Submission Instructions Click the Submit button in the Toolbox to upload your completed assignment prior to your class meeting. Note: The points for this assignment are determined by your group members. If you do not complete the evaluation of your group, you will not receive any points for this assignment. Grading Criteria • Each group member can receive a maximum of 10 points based on an average of his/her group member’s evaluation of his/her contribution to the group assignments and activities during Weeks 13 through 15: 0 – 10 points


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