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ACCT/495 ACCT495 ACCT 495 Assignment 10-1


ACCT 495 Assignment 10-1: Auditor’s Questions for CFO 15 points Purpose To assess your ability to evaluate financial statement data for a corporation in preparation of year-end financial statements and disclosure notes. Action Items 1. Review the journal, ledgers, and financial statements prepared by the CFO found in Requirement 9’s reading. The Requirement 9 document can be found in the Business Activity Model (BAM) under the Year 1 folder. The password is provided by your instructor. 2. Develop and list 7 to 10 in-depth questions and/or requests for additional information that you would ask the CFO to provide in order to clarify the financial statement data that you read over. The answers will be used in the preparation of year-end financial statements and disclosure notes. 3. Be as specific as possible, and phrase your requests in the form of questions that would normally be asked of a client. Submission Instructions • Click the Submit button in the Toolbox to upload your completed assignment prior to your class meeting. • Bring a copy of your completed assignment to class for an in-class activity. Grading Criteria • Questions are relevant to current topics and displays critical thinking: 0 – 5 points • Identifies the major issues: 0 – 5 points • Individual participation in the presentation: 0 – 5 points


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