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ACCT/425 ACCT425 ACCT 425 Week 12 Assignment 12-2


ACCT 425 Week 12 Assignment 12-2: Application Problems Week 12 Purpose To assess your ability to: • Create REA diagrams by applying the view modeling steps and the view integration steps to a business case. • Discuss the purposes of data warehousing. • Analyze the associated issues related to design, maintenance, and operations of data warehousing. Action Items 1. Complete the following questions from your textbook, Accounting Information Systems: • Chapter 10 Problems: 9, 10 2. In your own words, write your answers in a 2 to 3 page Word document. 3. Actively participate in class discussion. Submission Instructions • Click the Submit button in the Toolbox to upload your completed assignment prior to your class meeting. • Bring a copy of your completed assignment to class to participate in class discussion. Grading Criteria • Adhere to the grading rubric: 0 – 30 points


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