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ACCT/420 ACCT420 ACCT 420 Week 2 Assignment RIA Check Point Research


ACCT 420 Week 2 Assignment RIA Check Point Research RIA Checkpoint Assignment Purpose To introduce you to a commercial online tax database to perform effective tax research and to utilize primary and secondary tax law sources Action Items 1. Go to Franklin University Library web site and do the following drill down. 2. Go to FIND IT (At top of screen) and select “DATABASES” 3. Go to majors (one of multiple pathways) OR go to “Databases by Name” and select RIA Checkpoint. 4. If you go to majors, then go to accounting. 5. Go to RIA Checkpoint. 6. Go to Help (top right screen). 7. Go to Product Training 8. Go to Checkpoint Federal Tax. 9. Go to Federal Tax for University Students. 10. Go to Checkpoint Functionality: Basic Functionality for University Students and Professors (Recorded self-study) (1 hour). Watch Webinar and write down three key items you took away from the self-study training and upload to drop box. 11. See also other options. In particular, see: Checkpoint Functionality: Tips and Tricks on Efficient Federal Tax Research (Live Webinar) and see schedule for next free event. Submission Instructions • Click the Submit button in the Toolbox to upload your completed assignment by Sunday of this week. Grading Criteria • Accuracy of the assignment based on stated action items: 0 – 10 points


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