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ACCT/360 ACCT360 ACCT 360 Week 6 Assignment 6-1


ACCT 360 Week 6 Assignment 6-1: Week 6 Textbook Exercises Purpose To prepare for the class discussion on the concepts in this week’s readings. Action Items 1. Review this week’s readings. 2. Complete Exercise E7-3 AND E8-7 in your textbook, Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting. 3. Create one document that includes all of the documents you developed for the exercises. Submission Instructions • Prior to the scheduled Meet session, click the Submit button in the Toolbox to upload your completed assignment • Attend the scheduled Meet session for this week. Have a copy of your completed exercise available during the session. Note: If you cannot attend the scheduled Meet session for the week, the session will be recorded. You are required to review the recording and make any modifications to your exercise as needed. Highlight the changes in yellow. If you believe no modifications are needed, included this statement at the top of the worksheet: “After reviewing the recorded Meet session, I believe all my answers are correct and no modifications are needed.” You are to submit the modified document within 48 hours of the scheduled Meet session.


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