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Accounting Homework Help


Accounting Homework Help An update to the principle of revenue recognition was recently adopted by the FASB. Review a summarization report of this update. You may retrieve a copy of the report from Reuters by clicking here or follow this url link: (https://tax.thomsonreuters.com/GAAP-Revenue-Recognition/SpecialReport/) The Reuters source requires that you enter some personal data. If you prefer, you may search for your own resource. If you choose an alternate resource, be sure to document that fully at the end of your post. For this discussion: Identify a publicly held company which, in your estimation, will be significantly ctitioners or students apply this information in resolving accounting issues in practice?impacted by this revision in GAAP as indicated. Indicate the potential change to its present revenue recognition method, and the justification for the change. Provide a rationale and/or support for your assertion by referencing any revenue recognition policies as disclosed in the Notes to the chosen company’s last 10K. Required: Half to one page only with at least 2 references.


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