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Accounting homework help


UMUC – ACCT 220 – Section XXXX Your Name Dr. Mereba SEC Project – Written Assignment Company Name Date   Written Assignment. As stated in the Syllabus, for this assignment you will discuss your chosen company. You should introduce the company, giving a brief history and background. Also, you should report on the company’s results for the fiscal year, based on the Annual Report (10-K) you reviewed. Some of the information is about some of the items you have already looked for. Here is an outline of the things you should discuss. Please use your own words. Do not copy and paste. Your paper should be written in paragraphs and sentences, except the table below. I. Introduction. Discuss the history of company, founders of the company, what the core business is (i.e., what does the company sell?), who are its customers (i.e., are they consumers, other businesses, a combination?). II. Financial results a. Complete a table like the one below. You can copy and paste this table and then complete it with your company’s information Table 1 Financial Results for (Insert Your Company Name Here) Amount (Convert to Millions or Billions) Balance Sheet Items: Total Current Assets Total Assets Total Current Liabilities Total Liabilities Total Liabilities + Total Owners’ Equity Income Statement Items: Total Revenue Cost of Goods Sold (or Cost of Product Sales) Gross Profit (Total Revenue – Cost of Goods Sold) Net Income Profit Margin (Net Income/Total Revenue) b. Balance Sheet Results. Using the results from the Balance Sheet items, comment on your company’s results. You should discuss and compare at least three of the items from your balance sheet results. Before presenting your analysis, define the terms you are discussing and cite a source like your textbook, to demonstrate that you know the meaning of the terms you are discussing. For instance, if you discuss current liabilities, you should explain what that term means. You can also discuss other balance sheet items like non-current assets or long-term liabilities if you want to, but you should also define any additional terms. c. Income Statement Results. Using the results from the Income Statement items, comment on your company’s results. As mentioned above, define the terms you discuss, cite a source, and discuss at least three of the items. III. Conclusion. a. Make closing remarks about the results you found for your company. Were you surprised about anything? Did you learn anything about your company that you did not expect? Do you think your company has a bright future or a dim future? Is there anything about your company’s operations you would change? You do not have to discuss all of these. Just pick at least one thoughtful aspect of the company to discuss. b. What did you think, overall, of the SEC Project? Did it add value to your course experience or not? Do not forget, the dollar amounts for your companies are reported in the millions or in the thousands. For instance, an amount reported in the millions as $75,399 would have 6 zeroes added, making the amount $75,399,000,000. In your paper you would report this amount as $75.4 billion. An amount of $625 reported in the millions would be reported as $625 Million. The paper should be around four pages in length, single spaced, with one inch margins on all sides. That excludes the Title page and References page. Use ‘headers’ for sections. Double space between paragraphs. The paper is your opportunity to use accounting terms and concepts from our class and relate them to a company of interest to you. The Title Page of your paper should look like the title page of this paper, modified to show your name, course section number, date and company. You should have a separate References (or Works Cited) Page at the end. The References page is not included in the page count. Use your o


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