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Introduction Innovation will be defined as a method of gathering a new idea or concept; itis considered as the better solution for meeting the new demands in the markets. Furthermore, innovation can be defined as something original or more effective as a consequence or something new that is going to break into the society or market. Most of the organizations are seeking toadopt innovation strategies (“INOVATION ENDEAVORS”, 2016). Innovation usually drives the modern enterprises where most of the business leaders from flourishing organizations focus to confine and take advantage of the resources which arecreated by adopting latest techlogy, innovative marekt and new techniques in running the business. Most of the innovative organizations prepare their managers and leaders of the company to embrace the challenges and availing new opportunities by simply creating a new ambidextrous enterprise. In today’s global, when taking a competitive advantage, it is very important to bring innovation in the organization and adapt a change for meeting the competitor’s rivalry (“The Innovative Organization | executive.berkeley.edu”, 2016). INNOVATION SYSTEM IN DIFFERENT ORGANIZATIONS The first company is “COCO-COLA.”This is a very big brand name, and the company is running its business in many different countries of the world. There are different trends in innovation in this company as innovation in products, innovation in marketing strategy, innovation in the sustainability, and innovation in the culture. The first one is innovation in product as the company is making innovation in packaging. Thermal labels are introduced for making the Europeans drink cool, innovation in marketing refers to real-time marketing as inside coca cola Brazil newsroom at Rio 2016. Sustainability means the circular economy Bea Perez focus on shaping the future of consumption. The innovation in culture means coke music live stream is a major hit with fans and artists(Company et al., 2016). Nestle is another very big name, and they are introducing a wide variety of products and services. Henri@Nestle opens innovation platform which has went live. The aim of this platform is to increase the quality and the speed of innovative solution which properly responds to social and business challenges, thus it is open to work worldwide. The environment and the culture of this company always support innovation as Henri@Nestlé will allow entrepreneurs to work as a collaborative partner alongside the dedicated team of Nestle. The vice president of social and digital media from Nestle, Mr. Pete Blackshaw, said,“Henri@Nestlé will be the company’s flagship global collaboration program and serves as a catalyst for speed, transparency and cutting red tape.” (“Innovation”, 2016). Asian paint under Forbes comes under the list of the ten most innovative countries of the world. The strategies and the people are always ready for innovation in this country. The company is trying to involve their employees in formal training which support motivation. Therefore, in this company, it is seen that the employees are trainedconcerningknowledge, inspiration, Six Sigma tools for statistical analysis, and for the resolution of problems and improvement of process DOE tools.Through innovation, the company developed some unique products. With the help of the principles of innovation, the development and commercialization of some processes and the product’s uniqueness became possible which are as follows:  Monocots with high resistence of UV  Solid painting  For plastic application a system of primeless basecoat  Primer with pigmentation highly special  Industry clearcoat for high perfromance(“Asian Paints – Innovations & Excellence”, 2016). 1. CAPITALIZE ON INNOVATION AND INTRAPRENEURSHIP The main objective of the organization is to build new businesses which are going to tackle key business challenges w


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