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ACC/599 ACC599 ACC 599 Week 5 Midterm


ACC 599 Week 5 Midterm Week 5 Midterm • Question 1 Interest expense creates magnification of earnings through financial leverage because: • Question 2 The price/earnings ratio: • Question 3 Dawn Alive reported the following for 2012. • Question 4 Stable dividend policy would most commonly imply: • Question 5 What is the effect of the exercise of stock options? • Question 6 Book value per share may not approximate market value per share because: • Question 7 Which of the following ratios appears most frequently in annual reports? • Question 8 Which of the following ratios is given the highest significance rating by Certified Public Accountants? • Question 9 Tom Copeland, Tim Keller, and Jack Morrin, on their book Valuation, Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies, observed that acquirers paid too much for companies because of all but one of the following reasons: • Question 10 There are many definitions or descriptions given to financial failure. Which of the following does not appear to be a reasonable definition or description: • Question 11 Which of the following variables indicates a measure of cumulative profitability over time? • Question 12 Which of the following ratios is a primary measure of liquidity according to the corporate controller survey? • Question 13 ____ is present whenever products have different consumption ratios for different overhead activities. • Question 14 ____ activities are unnecessary activities. • Question 15 Costs incurred when products and services prior to being delivered do not conform to specifications or customer needs are • Question 16 The process of choosing among different sets of activities caused by competing strategies refers to • Question 17 The process of decreasing the time and resources required by an activity is known as • Question 18 Which of the following is a value-added activity? • Question 19 Costs incurred when products and services fail to conform to requirements or satisfy customer needs after being delivered to customers are • Question 20 The internal rate of return is defined as the interest rate that sets the present value of a project’s cash inflows equal to the present value of a project’s cost. • Question 21 The reason that a discount factor in Year 3 is less than a discount factor in Year 2 is that • Question 22 If the cash flows of a project are received evenly over the life of the project, the formula for the calculating the payback period is • Question 23 A series of equal future cash flows is a(n) • Question 24 A formula for the accounting rate of return is • Question 25 The best model for choosing the best of several competing projects is


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