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ACC 599 ACC/599 ACC599 Week 2 Discussion



ACC 599 Week 2 Discussion “Compensation and Lending Decisions” Please respond to the following: • Compare and contrast compensation plans, such as restricted stock and stock appreciation rights, indicating the key differences with the accounting treatment. Determine the option that would have the least impact on a company’s earnings. Recommend the choice that is the most advantageous to an employee. Support your position with examples. • Given the current regulatory environment for financial institutions, analyzing financial statement information is an important process and at the same time, the massive amount of information that creditors have to sort through can become unwieldy. Review the financial ratios in the text, and choose three or four that creditors would mostly likely use to make their lending decisions. Indicate a rationale for choosing each ratio. Discuss at least three ways that management might manipulate the financial data to guarantee that the lending decision will be made in its favor. Provide specific examples. Accounts Assignment Help, Accounts Homework help, Accounts Study Help, Accounts Course Help


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